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  • Kapil Kaushik

Healthy Food Can Be Simple


I want to start off this blog post with a great piece of advice I had been told which was: to write about subjects which you are passionate about, and whilst brainstorming potential blog post ideas, I thought why not write about food. I'm a huge foodie, who is always trying new foods and experimenting with various creative food- related ideas in the kitchen.

Now I'm not going to be going on and on about my passion for cooking, I wanted to share a new insight into food; one that achieves the impossible. Whilst experimenting in the kitchen, I found various ways to combine mouth-watering and tasty food that still contains astounding health benefits; whilst this may sound like a recipe that is too good to be true and must take ages to make, it actually is the simplest meal you've ever created!

You see healthy food doesn't always have to be difficult or time consuming. In actual fact, a salad alone doesn't take longer than a few minutes to make yet the benefits coming alongside it seem like it would take so much effort. In reality, healthy food can be wholesome, tasty and easy-to-make! In this salad, I have combined some very simple yet very healthy ingredients which one can find easily. All you need is the willingness and a bit of inspiration to eat healthy and you will find an abundance of these simple ingredients in your kitchen cupboard and refrigerator. Once you start experimenting and have created you first amazing recipe, you will be on the road for a journey of healthy eating; creating some really simple but healthy dishes. Good luck and keep creating some amazing simple healthy food.

I hope you enjoyed this post... !!

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